Meister Scale Customer Feedback

				From: Brad
				To: Dino DiGiorgio
				Sent: Fri, Jul 5, 2019
				Subject: P-47 Shoutout

				Hey Dino, here's a small "note" you can feel free to post as we talked about.
				I'd like to give a big thanks to Dino and Meister Scale for his products and support of them! 
				I built his 1/5 scale P-47 a number of years ago and was very pleased with it so when 
				the 1/4 scale version was released I couldn't resist. I've been flying it now for a 
				couple of years and I couldn't be happier. Just like it's smaller brother only better! 
				The larger size and extra mass translates into a flying experience that for me, seems 
				to mimic the characteristics of the full size Jug, and isn't that what 
				we're trying to replicate?

				Brad Koal
				Calgary, Alberta				
				From: john taylor 
				To: Dino DiGiorgio
				Sent: Wed, Jan 4, 2012
				Subject: Parts Review

				Hi Dino, just finished going through the parts for the wing and tail kit. 
				WOW the photos on your web sight do not do them justice. I can say I don't 
				know where to start.  Still have to get some more parts before I begin 
				construction. Your service is the best.

				John Taylor   Macedon NY. 
				From: Frank Tiano 
				To: Dino Di Giorgio
				Sent: Wed, Aug 12, 2009
				Subject: RE: P-47

				Dear Dino,
				I have just completed the flight testing of my new P-47 built from one of your 
				fiberglass fuselage kits.  I must tell you that I am as happy as I have ever been 
				with a model aircraft. This bird feels so "Right" in any attitude and looks fabulous 
				on a fly-by. I have been flying War Birds for 35 years and I am telling you that 
				of all the ones I have flown, this one is in the top 3 in overall performance, 
				stability and maneuverability. You and your staff have done a remarkable job on 
				this one.
				Warmest Regards,
				Frank Tiano
				FTE Inc.
				Lakeland, FL 33811
(Click Here to see Frank's P-47)
				Sent: Mon, 30 Mar 2009
				Subject: Re: Meister Scale Order Form

				I finally had time to open the P-47 kit and inventory the contents. I have to 
				tell you that I have been involved in "full scale" aircraft mfg. and maintenance 
				for thirty plus years and I have very high expectations for quality. Your kit has 
				met those expectations in every way! The packaging, wood quality, fiberglass, 
				instructions, everything is top notch! I look forward to continued business with 
				Meister Scale.
				Best wishes,
				Mike Donovan
				Everett, WA
				Hi Dino.......
				The P-47 packets arrived today, and they were beyond what I was expecting 
				(I've paid $35 for items I literally threw in the trash after they arrived--there's 
				a lot of junk out there, BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT AT "MEISTER SCALE").
				Now I need to get some close ups of a few markings in order to get the angle or 
				direction correct.  I've been building pre-1940 planes for too long.  Sure glad 
				you enclosed the catalog also!

				Paul Jarvis
				Bayfield CO
				From: Marc Van Vaerenberg
				Sent: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 6:11 am
				Subject: Meister Scale Query

				Hallo Dino, Marc here
				Thanks for putting my pictures on your site, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
				I bought this weekend a MOKI 150 and I am going to build it in the P 47. 
				I already let it run on a standard and the sound is marvelous.
				When I build it, I will send you some pictures of it.
				Have a nice winter holiday and keep up the good work for the real model builders.
				A lot of greetings.
				October 2008

				Terje Skappel of Norway shows us his modified Meister Scale Fw190a and describes how he built it.
It's a beautiful bird and worth looking at the enlargements of the photos.
See the photos and review
				Sent: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 
				Subject: Landing The P47 With One Flap

				Hi Dino, 

				One has to ask how stable a design is the Meister P47, if I was 
				able to land it with one flap fully deployed!  I love this plane.  
				I have six flights on it now.  Loops and rolls, Emmelmens, etc., 
				smooth and crisp.

				On the second flight on downwind, I put in 15 degrees of flaps.  
				When I was in a left turn to final,  I put in 40 degrees of laps for 
				landing.  I didn't know it at the time but that's when the right flap 
				servo stripped and the wind pushed that flap up (as you were 
				observant to notice in the pics I sent you).  I first noticed it 
				while taxiing back.  I have just now reviewed pictures my friend 
				took with a high resolution camera and you can see the plane in a 
				left bank with only the left flap deployed.

				It was my first flaps landing.  While the plane did want to roll right, 
				I was able to land it softly using rudder and opposite aileron.  Some 
				of my friends actually said: "Nice landing", not realizing that I was 
				working to keep it level and not come over the dead line.

				Dino, I don't delude myself in thinking I'm some kind of ace pilot.  
				I am an "OK" to "good" warbirds pilot, flying warbirds for about 15 
				years.  So one has to ask how stable a design is the Meister P47.

				Oh, by the way, that was a brand new JR 8411 servo that stripped.  
				I immediately replaced both flap servos with JR 8611's for subsequent 

				Best regards,
				Sent: Mon, 6 Aug 2007
				Subject: Great News

				Dino, great news. I finally got to fly my Meister P-47 two weeks ago. As of 
				this Saturday I have already logged over thirty flights with it. Suffice to 
				say, I have  owned and extensively flown seven Thunderbolts from different 
				manufacturer's brands which will remain unnamed. They have all been excellent 
				flyers...however,  this one is in another league of it's own! This aircraft 
				is by far the best flying machine I have ever owned, bar none !! This 
				includes the aforementioned P-47's, P-51's, P-40's, P-39's, etc, etc. 
				The Meister P-47 is a truly solid & honest flying machine with no perceived 
				vices, even at extremely slow speeds and flaps fully deployed. It is fully 
				aerobatic as any heavy-iron warbird can be. Crosswind-landings or turbulence 
				a problem? Nahhh! This baby is making me look better with each flight. 
				Congratulations on a truly great product. 
				Gustavo Diaz
				San Juan, Puerto Rico
				Sent: Fri, 25 May 2007
				Subject: Re: Thanks!

				Meister Scale,
				I have wanted a WW II warbird for the last 20 years, but while being committed to 
				other interests in the R/C hobby, and my business, I managed to hold off the urge 
				until, while talking with a friend, he recommended I take a look at your kit. 
				Since the P-47 Jug is one of my personal favorites and your company markets a 102" 
				P-47 in either the razorback or bubble canopy version, I had to have one. 
				Being a former Top Gun Winner, (team scale) and high static award recipient, I 
				wanted to build a serious competitive scale plane using your kit.
				Starting with the very first order, Meister Scale and Aero Accessories have been 
				a pleasure to work with and have gone out of the way to provide me with service 
				and satisfaction in a timely manner. The accessory line available for the P-47 
				is extensive and provides quality options to enhance the model all the way to 
				and including the archive book.
				This letter is a thank you for the hours of enjoyment I have experienced while 
				researching and building the P-47. Miester Scale and Aero Accessories have been 
				a true delight to work with and a great source of information.

				Thanks again,
				Jerry Caudle
				Pro-Mark Graphics
				PS: Meister Scale and Aero Accessories are both U S companies, using American 
				labor to help produce their products. Between the knowledge, quality, and 
				customer service it's too much to lose trying to deal with a fake. The rip-off 
				artists have already screwed over the original designer-manufacture, what 
				makes a customer think he or she will be treated any different?

				Subject: An unexpected holiday card


				   In Friday's mail was an envelope large enough for an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper 
				that had been folded in half and taped.  It had a return address label from 
				Dino Di Giorgio and Aero Accessories with my name and address hand-written on 
				its front.  Not expecting anything from this company, I opened it and found yet 
				another envelope with the same return address but this one was addressed to my 
				old South Carolina address of a year and a half ago.  Now I'm really curious.  
				I opened that envelope and found a Happy Holiday card from Dino and company.  
				It had first been sent December 11th, returned to Aero Accessories and resent 
				to my correct address January 9th.  And you know what?  I'm thrilled!!!
				   Think about this, gang.  Dino cared enough to send a card to someone he never 
				met in person.  I was just a customer who purchased a very few accessories from 
				him over a year ago.  But Dino kept me in his customer files and wished to remain 
				in contact with me and those who have done business with him and Aero Accessories.
				How many business owners do that in this day and age?  But the really amazing part 
				is that when the original mailing was returned, he didn't just throw it out.  
				He took the time to determine the correct address an re-send it even though the 
				holiday had past a week before.  And each time this card was sent it cost Dino 
				and Aero Accessories money...........$1.00 to be exact.  Would you buy a card 
				and spend a buck in postage to send a card to someone you never met?
					We read comments all the time on the RC websites about the lack of customer 
				service from this business or that but Aero Accessories cannot be lumped into 
				that group.  Dino's is the kind of business that I want to deal with.  Yes, 
				I was looking to begin a new project in a few months and it was not going to 
				be a Meister Scale aircraft.  Thanks to Dino and his group at Aero Accessories,
				I am now considering the Meister FW 190 D9 instead.  
					Dino knows how to operate a business and satisfy his customers' needs.  This 
				is the kind of business I wish to work with as I know I will be treated fairly 
				and with respect.  Thank you, Dino, and please, accept my belated wishes for a 
				prosperous new year.  We'll be in touch.
				Al Hupp
				Simpsonville, SC
				Sent: Sat, 15 Sep 2007
				Subject: No Guts No Glory

				Hi Dino,
				Thought I'd send a note to let you know how I feel about my new Meister P47. 
				This is by far ... the best flying warbird I have ever built and flown. It 
				flies light and is rock solid on landings.  I have been flying r/c since 
				single channel escapement days and warbirds for over 15 years but have 
				never experienced this kind of stability and responsiveness in a scale 
				model.  For years I have heard from fellow modelers how great the Meister 
				Scale planes fly. Now I can say first hand it's true.
				Congratulations on a great design.

				Let's see ... which Meister Scale will I build next.
				Best Regards,
				Angelo Lanci