Terje Skappel's FW190A
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Review of Meisterscale Fw190

After receiving the kit from Meister Scale, I looked through the kit and the drawings and realized that it needed some modifications to come closer to the full size plane. After all, it was drawn some years ago and it was in the “sport scale” category. The first thing that drew my attention was the control surfaces. On the full size bird, they have a built up structure with fabric. I built new ones from plywood and balsa that simulated this. Flaps were also added. Next thing that need modification, was the fuselage and cowling. I wanted to use the Moki 215 radial engine and the cowling was to narrow for this. If you make a wider cowling, the fuselage must also be wider. I made new bulkheads from the rear and forwards which grew to the size of the wider cowling up front. The cowling was done wider by cutting it into pieces and gluing it together again with spaces filled with epoxy and fiber. The last big modification was the wheel wells. According to scale, this bird asks for 6.5” wheels. This will not fit inside wings easily because of the leading edge and geometry of the Fw190 undercarriage, so here extensive modifications were necessary. After everything was ready, the whole fuselage was glassed with resin and clothing.

Then I applied alufoil. This is a little tricky to put on, especially where you have three dimensional curves. But the result is amazing. Flush rivets are a breeze. Just use a sharpened brass tube and press ! The bird was then painted with ordinary waterbased housepaint, then weathered using different techniques (fingers,sandpaper,knife,spray) All markings are hand painted

Radio: Futaba 9C super with Futaba 3151 standard digital servo on ailerons and elevator(dual). Hitech 5475 standard digital servo on rudder and flaps. The elevator servos and the rudder servo are placed in the rear fuselage. No control rods outside fuselage.

Gear: Sierra with retractable tailwheel. Glennis 6.5" wheels.

The cockpit is a modified kit from PropagTeam. This kit will not fit inside a standard Meisterscale Fw190 fuselage,because it is too wide.

Droptank, spinner and fan from BRS-Parts (Germany)

I used a 34" Fw190 shaped prop from Solo props. To get this huge prop effective, do this: Set the pitch until the RPM is between plus/minus 3000. It pulls my 22kg Fw190 with ease. The bird has some twenty flights now, and flys very well. It need some attention during take off though, mainly because of the huge prop

Terje Skappel (Norway)