Meister Scale Engine Options

DA-100 Inline Engine

  • Computer simulation designed high performance engine with very high torque output
  • Sensational low idle
  • Very spontaneous throttle response due to the small crankcase volume
  • Crankcase CNC machined from high tensile strenght 7075 aircraft aluminium alloy
  • Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads
  • Unbelievably smooth running just like the DA-200 4-cylinder boxer
  • Two Walbro carburettors and new design 4 leaf reed valves
  • Battery ignition with automatic advance and retard
  • DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques,including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography


Type: 2-Stroke
Displacement: 100cc
Bore: 42.6 mm
Stroke: 35.0 mm
Weight: 3230 g
Including Ignitions: 3450 g
RPM Range: 800 - 6700 1/min
Max RPM: 8500 1/min
Muffler Included: No

Price: $1595.00*

Menz 2-blade: 26x12", 27x10", 28x10"
Super Silence 2-blade carbon: 28x12", 27x12", 26x14"
Super Silence 3-blade carbon: 26x12"
DA-100 Inline Muffler:
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GT-80 Engine

For use with the Meister Scale Corsair, P-47, FW-190A, FW-190-D9, & Zero

The 80 features an increased bore diameter, increasing displacement to 80cc and boosting horsepower to 5.5. Dual rings on each piston give a superior seal, while the self-contained Quartz ignition gives a reliable spark without the hassles of charging ignition batteries. Starting is a breeze with the rear-mounted spring starter; just wind the prop clockwise one turn then release. And this simultaneous firing twin runs so silky smooth from idle to full power, you can forget about vibration-related airframe and electronic problems.


Type: 2-Stroke
Displacement: 4.88 cu in (80.0 cc)
Bore: 1.60 in (40.50 mm)
Stroke: 1.22 in (31.00 mm)
Cylinders: Twin - Chrome Plated
Total Weight: 123 oz
Engine (Only) Weight: 108 oz
Muffler Weight: 15 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M10 x 1.25
Benchmark Prop: 24 x 10 APC @ 7,400
Prop Range: 22x12 - 24x10
RPM Range: 1,800 - 10,000
Fuel: Gas/Oil Mix
Mounting Dimensions: 192 x 257 x 205 mm
Muffler Type: Can
Cylinder Type: Ring
Carb Type: Walbro WJ-64
Crank Type: Ball Bearing

List: $1,399.99 - Map $899.00

DA-85 Engine

For use with the Meister Scale 102" ME109, Corsair, P-47, FW-190A, & Zero

  • The DA-85 features Desert Aircraft auto advance electronic ignition
  • 4 Petal Reed valve
  • CNC milled, 7075 aluminum alloy crankcase


Type: 2-Stroke
Part No.: DA 85
Displacement: 5.24ci (86cc)
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Length: 5.9 in (150mm)
Muffler: No

Price: $795.00*

2 Blade Prop 3 Blade Prop
DA-85 Muffler:

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DA-85 Engine Mount
T6061 Billet aluminum

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