A Warning to All Valued Meister Scale Customers

We urge you to use an authorized Meister Scale (hereinafer referred to as "Meister") dealer or distributor when purchasing a Meister product. We cannot provide any services or products to those who purchase Meister Scale products from any unauthorized distributor or dealer.

Meister Product Sales

Meister products are known and sold worldwide through a network of authorized dealers in the United States of America. This authorized Meister network consists of companies and individuals, chosen by Meister based on the ability to properly represent and sell Meister products and support you, our valued customer. Meister provides a manufacturer's warranty on all Meister products sold by the companies participating in the authorized Meister network.

Unauthorized Sales and Use

Meister is making every effort to prohibit parties outside of our authorized Meister network from taking advantage of consumers. We police all unauthorized distribution of Meister-branded products on the Internet as well as identify and report on the unauthorized use of intellectual content owned by Meister. Enforcement action will be taken against illegitimate vendors.

Contact information

Contact info@meister-scale.com

  • To verify that a dealer or distributor is Meister-authorized
  • For information on becoming an authorized Meister dealer
  • For written permission to use Meister intellectual content
  • To report a possible net violation
  • To resolve a net violation
  • If you think you have received an e-mail notification regarding the use of Meister intellectual content in error

Thank you,