Ed Grossheim's FW190A

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    Modeler: Ed Grossheim
  • Built-up from the Meister kit
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Cockpit: Dynamic Balsa
  • Retracts: Century Jet
  • Main wheels: Flite Skin
  • Engine: FPE 100 (95cc),
  • Prop: 26x10

    Scratch-built scale exhaust, which ports the exhaust out where the full-scale aircraft did. The model is completely finished with 3/4 oz cloth and Minwax "Polycrylic" water-based polyurethane. Chevron paint was used for the camouflage scheme, and House of Kolor airbrush Urethane paints were used for the markings (Josef 'Pips' Priller's 190 A5), and detail "smudges" on the panel lines, etc.

    Ed is using a JR x9303 radio, and the model uses 6 channels (flaps and retracts) with HiTc hi-torque servos for all the control. All charge plugs and the retract air fill and pressure gauge are hidden in the scale fuselage compartment, left side, aft of the cockpit. The receiver and ignition switches are actuated by pushing/pulling the cowl gun barrels forward or rearward.