Meister Scale Corsair Gallery

Gary Mills of Copeville TX
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Chris Malcomnson of Ontario, Canada
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John Veasey of Kent, England
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Dale Womack's Corsair
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John West F4U Corsair

Pat Fallacaro's Corsair
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Robert VanDer Meuelen

Bob Southford F4U Corsair

Jerry Kitchen's F4U Corsair

Jerry Bolick's F4U Corsair

John (last name unknown)

Nigel's New Corsair
Robart Retracts, 3W 70i Engine, Flaps

Ted Galbraith

Ron Storer

Rene Alvarez

Ken Bones

John Mason / UK: Corsair - Kit/Plan: Jim Meister
Engine: Mackay 150cc 5 cyl radial - Features: Retracts - Flaps
Here is a link for the test flight

  Builder/Owner: Paul Williams of London, UK.
Engine: DL50
Weight: 35 Lbs.
Prop: Menz 22x10
Retracts: Robart 150HD9
Radio: Transmitter XG14 with Spektrum S6020 Servos
Finished in markings of Cook Cleland's 1946 Thompson Trophy Cleveland Racer.