Mike Pontelle's Zero

This is Mike's fifth Meister project which he says is definitely the biggest and most challenging. It weighs 43# with a 3W75 for power. It has Century Jet retracts( much to his dismay..never again) and all Hitec MG servos. It's covered with 3/4 oz. glass cloth using water based polycryllic from Minwax. Painted with latex house paint. The kit was cut by Precision. he was happy with them to use them again. He says spinner isn't the correct shape; he used a Dave Brown unit. Pilot is "Bill" from Aces of Iron.

Mike says: "It flew just like you would expect of one of Jim's designs -- gentle yet responsive. I added flaps which proved to be quite effective. Be ready to add elevator down-trim when flaps are deployed. Thanks for a great product and your help when I had questions on the build."