Lou Cetrangelo's Spitfire



Lou Cetrangelo's Spitfre. As friend of Sal Calvagna, Sal made the arrangements to purchase the Meisterscale Spitfire Short Kit and plans for him. After about four and a half months it is finished and recently he had a chance to fly it with Sals help and encouragement. It flew great in spite of a crosswind. He wanted to take it easy on the DA-50 but he can see it will be a very fast plane. He hopes to see everyone at the Warbirds Over Delaware flyin.

    Specs are:
  • Weight 20 lbs
  • Engine: DA-50
  • Modified Slimline Pits Muffler to fit in Cowl by shorting barrel.
  • Propeller: 3 blade Bolly carbon fiber 20" X 12".
  • Fuselage and tail are covered in 1 oz fiberglass cloth.
  • Wings are covered in natural Solortex.
  • Hinges: Robart Pin Hinges.
  • Added Split Flaps.
  • Fiberglass cowl using a one up foam mold.
  • Meisterscale Spinner, Cowl and exhaust pipes.
  • Robart Air Retracts.
  • Fiberglass strut covers, and lower radiators.
  • Wing Fillets from West systems 410 Microlight filler.
  • 9 Servos are all HiTec Digital with a Futaba 8 Channel PCM receiver.
  • NiMh batterys by Nobs.
  • Paint is KlassKote Epoxy Paint.
  • Australian Grey Nurse Marking were blown up from a 1/32 scale decal sheet.